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T h r e e      W e e k s

Words and Music by “Complex Numbers”
Copyright © 2003 - Seneca Falls Music - All Rights Reserved


 We have so many bills to pay,
it takes everything in us just to keep the wolves at bay.

I don't know whats going on,
I'm feeling so week when I need to be strong.

I know I'm not to blame,
I'm just three weeks away from being tossed out in the rain.

I don't ask for a hand out,
while some fat bastard profits from the bailout,
but it ain't you and me.

   And as we seek to place the blame,
to thoses higher up it's just a game.

They'll keep us fighting right or wrong,
to take the focus off what’s really going on.

We were all doing pretty good,
until recent events made it understood we'd be,
Standing in the unemployment line,
just spend that check and everything will be just fine.

We can't let em win.

And as we give until it hurts,
the further back we all revert.

The ones on top get all the cash,
the rest of us can all just stuff it up our ass.


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