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 Wishes to Thank...


Scott Fielding

Basso Profundo ,recording engineer extrodinaire and one hell of an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator.

Angela Prisbrey

Thumpin' them pagan skins.

Shawn Scotzin

Recording engineer and the worlds last remaining “True Genius".

Frank Dunn

A Patriot Volunteer who joined the cause and created this web site to help get the word out.



We appreciate their support and We shall wear it proudly.





And Last... but not Least....


We Thank all the Members of the “National H-1B Class Action” Group


"Strength in Honor"



DOG-ONE CD Title © was recorded and mixed at Softgods Studio "b" and Seneca Falls Studios  between May and September of 2003.

  • No samples were used.
  • An Aphex Aural Exciter was used on some vocal tracks.
  • A DIGI-001 system was used for the entire recording and mixing process.




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