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Our Guestbook Feature is now disabled...


    Due to the abuse of the Guestbook Feature by Internet Pill Peddlers, Ad Spammers, Pornographers and the likes... the privilege to leave an entry in our Guestbook has been revoked.   This is just another classic example of the social woes which plague this planet.  

    Numerous postings to the Guestbook by Pill Peddlers, Advertising Spammers, Pornographers, all of whom cloak themselves in anonymity, has now  impacted the majority of our visitors who are respectful of the rights, property and work of others.

    These Internet Abusers take advantage of the freedoms granted to the majority while abusing these same freedoms for their own selfish economic purposes... to the point where their greedy actions ruin it for all of us.

    The irony is that these people, who abuse the privileges granted to us all, are the same people that will scream the loudest when such privileges are revoked due their own selfish actions and they are the first to flee when the time comes to stand up to defend, protect and sacrifice for the freedoms they enjoy at the expense of others.

    Classic Parasites of Our Modern Society.


Sorry... your ability to Add an Entry to the Guestbook as been revoked due to the actions of a few who choose to abuse the very Freedoms and Privileges they take advantage of... at our expense.


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