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Visit ZaZona... a web site dedicated to the issues and financed through personal sacrifice and donations... more Volunteer Patriots at work.


On ZaZona... a plethora of information about the impact of Non Immigrant Work Visas (NIV’s) on the American work force.


On ZaZona... The “Labor Condition Application” (LCA) Database:  A searchable database that contains thousands of U.S. companies who hire H-1Bs. You can view H-1B, H-2B, and Green Card applications by Company Name, Job Category, Location, and Salary.    Find out which companies are hiring foreign workers and for which kinds of jobs... YOU might be a target !


On ZaZona... The N.I.V. (Non Immigrant Visas) Information Center   Get the facts on foreign worker visas at this website. This site contains research on Non Immigrant Work Visas (N.I.V.) as well as letters of opinion and horror stories about employment issues.



Here are some Links on this web site you may have missed...



          The “FAQ” Page...




Another noteworthy web site... the Hire American Citizens Organization.      More information and statistics pertinent to the H-1B Flood and it’s impact on American’s Middle Class.


The American Champions Organization.  More information with a ton of links right on the home page.   Some very good ‘Media Clips’ from around the country.


The Organization for the Rights of American Workers (TORAW)


The Rescue American Jobs web site.


The National Association for the Employment of Americans (NAEA).


The American Jobs Coalition.




Uncle Sam asking What Can You Do!




The Time has come for YOU to Act !


The Music... it is available for FREE to download and distribute from this web site.  These songs, recorded by “Complex Numbers” for America, with Lyrics that “wedge their way between the ears to stimulate the gray matter, making people aware and concerned enough to learn more... and get involved.” were written and recorded for YOU... to get the message out !


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Sign the “Petition to Abolish H-1B”







write your Elected Officials and the Media about this Issue.


      The following links make this easy to do...       


The White House.   You can write to the President and Vice President on this site.


U.S. Senate.  You can  write to your Senators on this site.


U.S. House of Representatives.  You can find and write your Representative on this site.




    Use this Sample Letter to Write your Representative.





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