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The Image is a black and white ‘abstract’ of the opening in the cliff at Omaho Beach known as the “Vierville Draw”... a ravine leading up from Omaha Beach, to the “Atlantic Wall” and the “Vierville Guns”.

The 29th Division’s objective was to secure the “Vierville Draw”, referred to as “Exit D-1” or “Dog One”, breach this German defense of the “Atlantic Wall” and capture the “Vierville Guns”.



The “Vierville Guns” were responsible for mowing down thousands of Allied Soldiers as they landed on the beach and tried to make their way to ‘cover’, several hundred feet from the surf, to start their assault as the “Battle of Normandy” commenced.

Today, the “Vierville Draw” leads to a monument to the 29th Division, which during the war suffered over 20,000 casualties.

The  town of Bedford, Virginia gave 46 husbands, fathers, uncles, nephews, brothers, sons, and grandsons to the 29th Division.    Half of these men,  died that first day within sight of the “Vierville Draw” their objective... and their destiny.

A grim "joke" among the men of the 29th Division was that, in reality, the 29th had three divisions:

          • one in the field,
          • one in the hospital and
          • one in the cemetery.

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In this tumultuous world...

the future undoubtedly holds...

yet another road to Vierville.




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