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C o r p o r a t e      G l i t t e r a t t i

Words and Music by “Complex Numbers”
Copyright © 2003 - Seneca Falls Music - All Rights Reserved


Well imagine my surprise when I turned on my TV.
To check out the W.T.O.

With the battle of Seattle unfolding right in front of me,
I could see there was no place for them to go.

Well they put up a no protest zone and donned their riot gear,
Star wars troopers as far as the eye could see.

Well we’re not violent... how about you...
were the chants that you could hear,
To the bouncers for the corporate Glitteratti.

With rubber bullets flying and tear gas in the air,
They pushed them to the streets of Capital Hill
And it looked just like a scene right out of Nazi Germany,
For the bouncers for the Corporate Glitteratti

Well now I know who’s in charge and I know it’s not you and me,
The rules are made by those behind closed doors,
And there is one power dressed in blue that separates us all,
The bouncers for the Corporate Glitteratti

Yeah the bouncers for the Corporate Glitteratti,
 Well they’re not there to protect you and me
 Coz they’re the bouncers for the Corporate Glitteratti


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