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Copyright and Distribution Terms

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We dont care if you copy and distribute the music to anyone as long as YOU don’t take credit for the music or make any money in the process.

 It would also be nice to mention the fact that these are original “Complex Numbers” compositions from Our Pro-Bono, Philantrophic, Totally FREE , No Charge...   “...DOG-ONE”©  Album  when played to an audience.

But, remember, if You pretend that You wrote them... You have to deal with that Bad Karma when it catches up to YOU....  and We needn't really worry anyway....

CD Case Artwork for  "...DOG-ONE"© will be available on this site Soon !

For a CD of "...DOG-ONE"© please conact us at “Complex Numbers” and we will send a copy.



Copyrights and Distribution Terms

You are hereby authorized under this Copyright to copy and distribute these songs/performances by whatever means available without compensation to the Copyright holder as long as no profit is realized from the copying and distribution of the copyrighted materials.

Please Contact “Complex Numbers” and/or “SoftGods Studios” if you have any Questions.

All of the Songs on DOG-ONE CD Title are

Copyright Protected by Seneca Falls Music 2003.

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